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Introduction of the types of small sightseeing trains

Date: 2018-01-26 11:16  Views:
Tourism has become the most hot topic of tourism projects is increasing, a scenic transport sightseeing train is introduced in recent years, but also has the function of tourism landscape, it also attracts a lot of attention in the area, China has a lot of scenic spots introduction of the vehicle, but also the result is very good, and some scenic spots is to build its theme park, visitors can browse, said in a small tourist train may become a major tool for the future of the scenic tour. Up to now, there are three main types, such as rail, trackless and monorail.
1, rail train: our general and the SAT almost, it is in the scenic area on both sides of the road, or the laying of our common rail in both sides of the mountain, the car is more common, the main advantage is that it can run according to the predetermined orbit, the operation is more convenient.
2, the small trackless train: This is the biggest characteristic of the tool does not need to lay track, in ordinary highway driving, this is achieved through a new type of train pneumatic tire, it is the biggest characteristic is in the shape of the use of the concept of the train, the car has more freedom, can at the dock, this tool is relatively simple, and the use of the cycle is relatively short, we can say that it is a trend.
3, monorail overhead: This is a relatively new concept car, mainly is the use of track laying scenic mountain, the sightseeing train is a type of relatively high technological content, in the country has a number of large area plans to introduce, because it is a more important function or as a the landscape for visitors to browse.