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Safety insurance measures for small sightseeing trains

Date: 2018-01-26 11:21  Views:
1. Safety insurance measures
A tourist train must be set up by two locking devices that can not be opened inside or a locking device with an insurance. Non closed cockpit obstruction at inlet and outlet, the locking device should also be insured. When the tourist train is running, an automatic or manual emergency parking device must be set up. After the failure of the sightseeing train in operation, the measures should be taken to dredge the passenger.
2. Safety requirements for safety fence and platform
The safety fence should be set up and exported separately, and the guide fence should be set up at the entrance. The platform should have anti-skid measures. The opening direction of the safety fence gate should be in accordance with the direction of the passenger moving (except in special cases). In order to prevent damage to the hands of personnel at closing, the gap between the door frame and the post should be appropriate or other protective measures. Running up and down by the sightseeing train, by one part of import and export should not be higher than 300 mm platform.
3, multiplicative safety binding device
When the tourist train runs, the multiplicative binding device must be set when the passenger is likely to be moved, collided or slipped out and slipped out of the ride. The safety belt, safety bar, bar and so on can be used. Binding device: it should be reliable and comfortable, and the parts with direct contact with the passenger have proper softness. The design of the binding device should be able to prevent the clipping or pressure injury of one part of the passenger. It should be easily adjusted and easy to operate. Seat belt: it can be used alone for slightly swaying or lifting slowly, without turning over and not being thrown out of danger. The safety belt should be equipped with auxiliary handle. The safety belt can be used as an auxiliary restraint device. The safety bar: sightseeing train operation, could lead to danger by people thrown out, must set the corresponding safety pressure bar type; the safety bar itself must have sufficient strength and locking force, to ensure that visitors not to be left out or dropped, and the equipment stops running before the end is locked.