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Chassis maintenance for small tourist trains

Date: 2018-01-26 11:27  Views:
As the characteristic vehicle of the scenic spot, the tourist train is also an important tourist attraction at the same time of carrying the passenger function. So we should pay more attention to some of its maintenance.
The common faults and maintenance of the rear axle
1. The abnormal noise of the active and driven bevel gear's meshing mark and the gap of the tooth side, and the excessive wear of the gear damaged bearing can cause abnormal sound.
2, the fastening degree of each connection should be checked regularly. If loose, it should be tightened immediately to avoid accidents.
3, the Department of ventilation should always clear the dirt, keep pores smooth. Often check the amount of lubricating oil, not too much and lack.
Two. Adjustment of the front bundle
1, the steering wheel in the middle position, make the electric tourist train in the horizontal straight position;
2, check whether the fastening parts of the connecting parts of the front axle are loosened regularly.
3, adjust the length of the left and right pull rod.