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How to choose a sightseeing train

Date: 2018-01-26 11:09  Views:
Jiangsu Boerrui Mr.Wang teach you how to choose a small tourist train, sightseeing train control system, with personalized flexible steering, comfortable, light and smooth, easy to drive, electric can be recycled, long life etc.. At present, sightseeing cars are widely used in hotels, scenic spots, sales and watching cars, factories, airports, railway stations, car stations, wharfs, gymnasiums, parks and other places.
At present, the small tourist trains in the market are diverse and diverse. How do consumers choose sightseeing trains? First of all to know whether brand production enterprises have sightseeing small trains have been approved by the light industry association. Its technological development, production technology, spare parts supply, product quality and after-sales service are all equipped with modern enterprise production conditions. Also look at the production history of brand enterprises, brand awareness, brand in the industry evaluation of the award. The sightseeing train is a durable product. More importantly, it is the reputation of the after-sales service and the commercial reputation of the seller. It can also be based on your favorite. Choose the sightseeing train for color, style, function and price.
When selecting and buying, the buyer is instructing through the seller and introducing the buyer to do the actual operation. Look at its control speed function, hub sound, brake performance is good. The rotation of the wheel should be flexible, without the sense of stagnation. The power of the controller is shown to be normal and the variable speed is overly smooth. There is no impact on the start, and the wheel has a soft sound. There is no impact and noise outside the paint and electroplating bright, no peeling. Try to charge the charger and keep it normal.
This is the small train that Wang always brings to you. I hope you can adopt it.