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Power saving skill for tourist train

Date: 2018-01-26 11:40  Views:
First, avoid tourist train speeding up starting at startup current of high voltage circuit, often quick starting and acceleration will affect the motor controller and battery life, and shorten the mileage.
Second, keep the stable speed of the tourist train. In the case of road and traffic conditions, the vehicle should maintain a stable driving speed. The vehicle speed reaches a certain speed, may be appropriate to relax the accelerator pedal, to maintain the current speed can be avoided; sightseeing train parking rapidly during driving, driving should be avoided when suddenly stop, because of a sudden brake will not only accelerate the grinding of the brake linings, and emergency braking current caused by the feedback influence on the motor controller, affect the life mileage and motor controller.
Finally, of course, it is necessary to keep the normal tire pressure of the tourist train! Learn the above points, the tourist train in the mall is hard to save electricity.