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How to judge the quality of tourist trains

Date: 2018-01-26 11:36  Views:
As a new type of electric tourist train for short distance people in a large number of places, it has gained strong feedback in the market since its appearance. It has become the most popular tourist train in the market at present. For people who choose to buy small sightseeing trains, they must master certain professional knowledge. How to judge the quality of the tourist train?
1. the workmanship of the whole frame, the main processing way of the current frame or the artificial welding, so the quality is used in the welding process and material.
2. styles: remove the tiny gap on the quality of the manufacturer, then the rest is to compare the style, style is the comprehensive appeal factors of four wheel electric vehicle customers mainly consider, at present is mainly the problems; in the purchase when the attention of moderate price, so buy with his mind is not what four wheel electric vehicle a big problem.
3. good horse with a good saddle, the car will have a set of power system, so the quality of the tourist train second is the manufacturer of the technical strength, is capable of running condition adjustment of each component to the best, to reach the maximum balance of service life and efficiency.
Summary: Generally speaking, the main performance parameters are: tourist train mileage, driving speed, vehicle weight, cell number, the maximum gradient, the number of load points, the mileage refers to the tourist train single full charge can travel many kilometers away, traveling more representative vehicle the performance is better. Driving speed refers to the speed of the electric sightseeing car in daily driving. Due to the specific product causes, the speed of the sightseeing train in the market is 30-50km/h at present. The body weight and specifications are mostly determined by vehicle selection and structure design. Generally speaking, tourist trains and chassis, such as steel or special materials, will be more suitable for us.